Jumaat, 4 Disember 2015


Rm47 termasuk pos semenanjung

Material: wood
Color: colorful
Toy Size: 42*14.5*4.3cm
Suitable for: 18+ months
Gross Weight: 0.7 kg
Package: Color box
3… 2 … 1 It’s time for number learning fun! Number learning toys are much needed tools that develop your child’s critical thinking skills and the mathematical elements of a youthful mind.

Children of all ages can be nurtured by Educational Toys wide variety of number learning toys. Whether your children are playing counting games, math activities, or number puzzles they are preparing themselves for GREAT FUTURE ACADEMIC SUCCESS!!!.

Engage in pretend play and get your imagination involved in some of the most unique counting games and toys. Whatever your child’s interests are there’s a number learning toy for them to enjoy! Let’s take number learning fun to a new level and learn to recognize, count, and beyond! "

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