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RM56 termasuk pos semenanjung

- Meneka perkataan (english)

- Menguji minda anak-anak

- Meneka & mengingati berdasarkan gambar

- Menarik - warna yg menyerlah

Learning to spell was never so much fun! Even preschoolers can get the "right" answer playing Spell Time. Choose a picture card and place it in the cardholder. 

Then choose a letter tile that matches the first colored square. The tiles are self-correcting! If it's the right letter the tile fits. If it's the wrong letter, the child may try again. Picture cards feature colorful, appealing pictures and simple words appropriate for early learners. And Spell Time comes in its own reusable.

15 card & 78 abc tiles

Ingin order?
sms/wassup : 017 8355030

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